Monday, June 04, 2007


Flying out of Chicago (ORD) as a reserve, sometime in the early 80's, I was on a 727 working a Coach aisle position to Omaha, Nebraska. We served meals on domestic flights in those days and the service was finished. I was securing the galley in preparation for landing. A call light illuminates and I make my way to seat 15D where a gentleman asks me "Do you have a Forbes magazine?" (Before it was determined that a lot of jet fuel could be saved by removing them due to the weight, we used to have a selection of magazines.) I grabbed a Forbes and returned to the passenger. He said "Look at the cover". I asked "What about the cover?" Pictured was Bill Gates. "Look at Mr. 15C". In 15C, was a sleeping Bill Gates with his mouth wide open and body sprawled, contorted in the space. I could not contain myself and broke into a gut wrenching laugh along with everyone around. Mr. Gates slept soundly through the commotion. Mr. 15C said "Just wanted to see the look on your face!". I asked him why they were flying Coach and he told me it was the company policy and they always flew coach.