Friday, July 13, 2007

The Offer: One Two Bedroom House for One Movie Role

Greetings from Hobbs, New Mexico, site of the Lea County Cowboy Museum
and your new home, if you accept my offer...Today, the city of Hobbs
unveiled the city's new slogan, "It All Happens Here," so apparently,
it does all happen here.

In trade for "One Movie Role", you will receive the free and clear deed
to "One 2 Bedroom House" in Hobbs, New Mexico.

The house, which is undergoing renovation in the heart of Hobbs, is on
S. Dalmont St. It's a diamond (not quite yet out of the rough) that is
only 15 minutes from Lea County Airport served by Mesa Airlines. Lea
County Airport will begin complete renovation in October of this year.

The people here are Hobbs greatest asset. Having traveled worldwide in
my job as a flight attendant, I can honestly say I have not encountered
a kinder, more welcoming and civic-minded group of folks than the

I acquired "One 2 Bedroom House" when I was looking for an affordable
yet desirable community in which to relocate. The airline I have been
employed by for 21 years, declared bankruptcy and my pension was lost.

Recently having been inspired by a library book; 'Life 2.0' by Rich
Karlgaard, I was seeking a community that matched the parameters
mentioned by the author but undiscovered by most of the world. Hobbs is
clearly a growing community with strong employment and in the midst of
a street beautification project 2 blocks from "One 2 bedroom House".

An aficionado of Ebay, I discovered the house and community when it was
listed for sale by a bail bondsman from Carlsbad, New Mexico. I talked
to him about the circumstance since I was not entirely comfortable with
the situation. He allayed my fears and as the winning bidder, my
friends now call me the land baroness. They have suggested I form an
alliance with Donald Trump.

As a subscriber to the local newspaper, the Hobbs News Sun, I read of
the community's efforts to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I
became acquainted with one of the community's volunteers, who
generously shared her contacts with me and put me in touch with other
local citizens who have been so helpful, even though I am a complete

Although I am emotionally attached to this community, my airline has
now emerged from bankruptcy and since I still enjoy my job, the timing
for my relocation is no longer imminent. While on a layover in Sydney,
Australia, I learned of Kyle MacDonald and his creative trading of "One
Red Paperclip" so I considered the possibility of my house in Hobbs
fulfilling Kyle MacDonald's ultimate quest, should the right trade be

"One Movie Role" will go to a deserving young woman (who happens to be
my daughter) named Jillian "Jillz" Trevors. Since at least the age of
5, she has declared her intention to have a life on the silver screen.
She has performed and taken various classes for the last 12 years. As
her mother, I have expressed concerns about the down side to this dream
but it is clearly her passion. I trust her level of maturity and have
heard how tough it is to get a break in the movie business.

Acceptance of this offer will rescue "Jillz" from relocation (when not
at school) to Hobbs. Her other true love, besides acting, is for Julian
"Julz". They were high school sweethearts and now attend college
together in Santa Barbara. Julz' only passion greater than his love of
Jillz, is for surfing and Hobbs is a long way from the ocean.

Just for clarification, the name Demi Kutcher is an identity I used for
an Academy Awards themed party. Everyone was supposed to impersonate a
celebrity and I chose Demi since passengers sometimes tell me I bear a
striking resemblance to Demi Moore. It could be that the lights were
low or the comments motivated in an effort to receive a free drink.
Just for the record, I am a HUGE fan of Corbin Bernsen.