Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"I'm a librarian for the Santa Ana Public Library."

That is what my evil twin used to answer when asked where she worked. In her youth, she wasn't comfortable with the stereotypes and line of questioning that followed the truth. It's amazing the difference a few decades can make. She no longer cares so much about what other people think. Our mom Sparky would have asked "Who gives a rat's ****?" and she had the right idea. Years ago, that twin actually carried on this librarian hoax for 6 months with what was to become a most life changing relationship. It was a case of "when two personalities meet and there is a reaction, both are transformed". Having actually spent a lot of time in the Santa Ana Public Library, it was an easy con to pull off.  She's always been a fan of librarians who Stewart Brand referred to as subversive because they share all kinds of information. Their image is every bit as inaccurate as the one of flight attendants.

Speaking of books, I'm always hauling a few around. Since I have to hoist my own bag sometimes multiple times a day, they contribute to a heavy load. Passing through O'Hare in the concourse between terminals, I saw this ad which I had to photograph. It reminded me of that stereotype of librarians which is so wrong.  Seems like a cool product and I know Amazon makes a similar product called the Kindle which they have advertised on my blog. It is actually possible to own one of these devices and carry 200 books and still not have to check your bag! Amazing!  You know the technology will only improve. You can also subscribe to several newspapers and access all the information on this machine. I must admit I like the feel of a real newspaper or book but as these devices become closer to replicating an actual book or paper, it seems like they may change the face of publishing. 

Monday, December 03, 2007

Legacy Airlines Flight Attendants Way Hotter Than Virgin American Super Models!

Richard Branson, my dander is fired up! So you hired supermodels for an inflight fashion show. What a PR gimmick! Many non-airline bloggers are so impressed dissing the "legacy carriers" for their lack of sex appeal. I've seen your billboards in London and Sydney that compare me and my fellow flight attendants to grandmas! You would have an age discrimination lawsuit if you tried that one in this country. There are plenty of HOT babes that are actually providing service and security in our aisles. This picture is proof! What do you know? I'm sure you only fly on Virgin , a private jet or one of your hot air balloons.