Monday, March 29, 2010

Hobbs to Hollywood

Since I bought the house on eBay which was the topic of my first blog posting, I have been talking about the special community of Hobbs, New Mexico.
I moved there for a while and loved their great 'kick ass' country music.
Back in SoCal, I watched the Academy Awards especially enamored of the the film "Up in the Air" since I have followed the progress of the movie before it was filmed. The lead character played by George Clooney is named Ryan Bingham.  That Ryan is just a fictional character. The great coincidence is that a very real Ryan Bingham born in Hobbs was a very real Oscar winner that night. He wrote the song 'The Weary Kind' and won for best original song for the movie Crazy Heart. Ryan is a true and deserving artist that grew up with a lot of character building experiences which are reflected in his music.