Saturday, November 17, 2007

HELP!!! Hollywood Calls On A Former Flight Attendant's Classroom!

Paramount Pictures is about to release a new film based on the best selling novel, "The Kiterunner" by  Khaled Hosseini.  They are holding a classroom competition which requires adding your email to join the online club.  A friend of this blog (educator, artist and former flight attendant)  is currently the team captain in the #1 spot.  The "Showgirl Demi" photo on the left sidebar is her contribution and it would be much appreciated if any of you readers would join her club and help keep her classroom in the top spot!  Click on the link at the top of this blog (just above the date Nov 17) that says "Reading Runners" and you can help out this Las Vegas classroom.   If you would like to read this outstanding novel, it is available from the Amazon link on the sidebar. 

Thank you and GO READING RUNNERS!!!
Update on 1-1-09 
My friend has a new website and her project revenues are donated to help save Orangutans. She has talent and is working to benefit a great cause. I have replaced the club website with her personal one of  Check it out!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Airplane Flashbacks: "You have something on your nose."

Revealed here is a self portrait that leaves nothing to the imagination. It is a disgusting vision, that is certain. You may wonder why a woman would want to project such an image and how she has been able to maintain employment when you learn she has been seen in uniform wearing a similar decoration on her nose.

It is actually a therapeutic technique I have developed known as "Booger Therapy". I have used this effectively with males of all ages who are fearsome fliers. The booger is actually a piece of lime. Sometimes, I'll fall back on it out of boredom (mine or passengers) because it always causes somewhat of an uproar. Those that get the biggest kick out of this are boys in the age range of 5 to 12. I'll show them the trick and let them spring it on the unsuspecting.

There was once a precocious boy of about 10, traveling with his mother in first class to Maui. He was not having a good flight,so I showed him the joke.  I asked the boy if he was going to try it on his mother. His reply "It would be a lot funnier if you did it." I thought the better of it but he would not let up. Toward the end of the flight I relented and when they left the mother said it was the best flight she ever had because her son had such a fun time.
DISCLAIMER: If any of my readers are probationary flight attendants, I would wait until you are on the line for 6 months before you attempt it because it is certainly not management sanctioned.

Over many years, I have conducted a study using the lime booger. Flight attendants, who are not lime-booger savvy will say "You have something on your nose" to warn you not to walk out in the aisle. When I have visited the cockpit, male pilots will say NOTHING! Female pilots will usually warn me using the subtle "something on the nose" approach but if all the pilots are men, not a word! I have asked them the reason and they usually clam up. Never have been able to understand the reason for this.

Update as of June 2011... Booger therapy does not convey a professional image of authority that is needed in today's world so it was grounded some time ago. You may see it reappear in some earthbound restaurant locations.

Thursday, November 01, 2007


In the trading game of oneredpaperclip, which became an internet sensation, Hobbs lost out to a small Canadian town of Kipling. There is no doubt in my mind that the folks of Hobbs would have rallied in some kind of similiar competition had the backstory been public knowledge. When the offer was first presented to Kyle, he did not immediately respond so I contacted Stone Phillips of NBC, who had interviewed Kyle about the game. It was then that I discovered the Hobbs house was one of several offers and Kyle was taking time attempting to sort out everything. A lot of people became inspired by the simple and fun story. Now Kyle is the author of a book and is on tour. I am hopeful he will visit our town and see what he passed up!