Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Clooney Convergence

Sometimes that whole 'synchronicity' thing knocks me out!  A few weeks ago, My daughter tells me she met George Clooney and shook his hand. The very next day, I'm on an airplane after a visit to Hobbs and then a stop in Vegas. I happen to be seated next to the director and producers' of Clooney's next film which was about to start filming. It's called "Up in the Air" and is about a corporate hatchet man who is on a quest to build his frequent flier miles. The day after that, my friend calls and tells me her husband was heading to Darfur with guess who?

On the flight seated next to the filmmakers,  Jason Reitman told me he recently took a trip from LAX to ORD just to keep his mileage status. He bought a Chicago pizza which the TSA tried to confiscate and immediately returned home with his goal accomplished, retaining his 1K status which would have been short a few hundred miles if not for that pizza trip. Mr. Reitman is an acclaimed director "Juno" and the son of another acclaimed director, Ivan Reitman, who directed "Ghostbusters". In fact, he was wearing a Ghostbusters t-shirt on the flight. It is hard for me to believe but that film was done 25 years ago. I'm one of those movie fans who always stays for the credits. Can't wait to see this film after talking to these three gentlemen.