Monday, June 23, 2008

Where Else But in Hobbs?

Earlier in the year, I  took this picture of  NMJC found in lovely Hobbs, New Mexico. There are not many who would call Hobbs a lovely place...even the Hobbs natives. It is a grassland area,  decorated liberally with oil pump jacks.  Often, there is the smell of oil in the air, air that is frequently filled with dust.  My view of Hobbs is admittedly rose colored due to my personal experiences such as one on this very campus. The campus is nicely landscaped and has a perimeter road of exactly one mile, perfect for running.  My friend Marty had just moved to town and we decided to go for a walk with her Chocolate Labrador Retriever, Snickers.  I suggested we go to the NMJC campus.  We walked through the campus admiring the plantings and are approached by security. "Busted!" I mutter to Marty figuring dogs and non students are probably not welcome. "Hi officer!" we say and explain we definitely pick up after the dog and got quite a different response than expected. Officer JJ inquired about us and said he would be happy to give us a tour. He said the dog had to remain outside but the computer center was open to us. The President of the school encouraged citizens to use the facilities since "their tax dollars helped provide them". It is very state of the art and since that time have attended an event at the other college in town "The College of the Southwest".  Marty & I met the President of that school and were equally impressed with the public accessibility and the commitment to higher education afforded the Hobbsans.