Tuesday, May 29, 2007

CALLING ALL PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE MARATHONERS FROM AROUND THE WORLD! Impersonate Elvis or Get Hitched or just Groove to the Blue Man Group!

DECEMBER 2, 2007 is the date for the next Las Vegas Marathon which means it's time to get off our bums and get the lead out! If you've ever wanted to run a marathon or if you've run several, the Vegas one is different. No matter where you live,if you start now, just follow a training plan and you can do it. There's now a half and a full to suit your preference. Only runners are allowed on the famous Vegas strip that morning and it is a wild & crazy party you won't have a hangover from!

It's a good thing to join a group because once a week, you can do a long run with coaching, in preparation for the big day. If you're local, you can join the Las Vegas Roadrunners who meet on Sunday mornings at the strip mall at the corner of Stephanie & American Pacific. Pictured above are a just a few of the people you can meet. Photos from left to right and top to bottom are: Dr. Hill, the medical director;Pam Hall, LV track club newsletter editor;Shelley Hovaniec and Lil' Bit (who will do the shorter training runs);Betty Cook, mega-athlete; Amanda Wing, moved from Maine and now training for her 2ND marathon;Reverend Bill Peterson,age 64 marathoner who did the marriage ceremony at mile 5 in 2005 and Demi (she told him if she ever finds the man of her dreams who can go the distance, wants to get married at the marathon); Sista Social, glamorous runner who embodies the spirit of LV(check out those medals!)

As the "rockstar"leader of the pack, Tim Kelly (bottom photo) says "We are not just a bunch of skinny whippets. We come in all shapes and sizes". Where can you experience this? Only in Vegas,baby!