Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Saga, Part 2: The Layover in Sydney That Resulted In An Obsession With A Small Metal Office Supply

Here is a picture taken out the window of Door 2R of a 747-400 by flight attendant Robert Gallant of beautiful Sydney, one of the world's grand cities.

About a year and a half ago, I was in a hotel room in Sydney. It was early morning and I turned on the television and was watching the Australian version of the Today show. Kyle MacDonald was being interviewed and spoke of his intention to trade a red paperclip for bigger and better things until he eventually traded up to a house. His first trade was for a fish pen and at the time of the interview, he was up to a snowmobile. It occured to me that I could fulfill his dream. I started following his blog, and became hooked by the sheer fun of the crazy idea. There were lots of skeptics about Kyle's ability to accomplish the task. I was never one of them and was poised to offer up my Ebay house in Hobbs, NM if the right trade was offered. When I heard about a movie role, paid and credited complete with a SAG card; I knew it was something worth consideration. In spite of using a movie star alias, I personally do not aspire to such fame. My daughter has more talent and ambition in that area but when I presented the idea to her, she thought it might be percieved as paying for a role and she was skeptical. When we had a conversation with Kyle, she had a change of heart. He told us he wanted to make sure whoever got the role had a sincere interest. He announced that he wanted to complete the trade within one year. So 2 weeks before that year was up, I made the following offer which you can read in the next post.