Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Elvis Live at the Las Vegas Marathon 2006!

Pictured is but one of the "Elvi" runners from this years LV marathon. Because I tripped while training on a downhill course, I chose to volunteer this year, working the info booth at the Expo and serving waters at mile 21. It gave me a different perspective.

At the info booth, I was surprised to discover a half marathoner who is actually blind and needed to know what to expect as far as directional markers. Turns out they were only visual and I suggested she ask another runner of her same pace to tell her when the point was reached. There are so many different stories and it is inspiring to realize how determination can conquer what seems to be a disability. From the participants in wheelchairs, those that that prevail over heart conditions and missing limbs or cancer to the "average" person, everyone has there own challenge and reason for wanting to go that formidable distance.

Reinforces the famous line "If you believe you can or you can't, either way, you're right". The overwhelming and powerful energy you can feel are thousands of people WHO BELIEVE THEY CAN. That is what keeps me running and is the reason that I intend keep going as long as I can still move. It is nothing short of a religious experience and seeps into other parts of ones life.

This is kind of serious stuff but ENTER THE "ELVI"! The beauty of them and the running showgirls and the other craziness is that it can also just be a ton of light hearted fun. We all need some light hearted fun and the LV marathon has no shortage!