Monday, January 08, 2007


Southern California has always been a leader when it comes to trends. The latest was spotted by daughter Jillz at Newport Beach's Fashion Island. She reports seeing a vehicle completely wrapped in plastic wrap. Consider the beauty of this prank! No damage to the car but one is unable to even open the door. Since I was in town for the OC marathon, I visited a valet at the mall and he agreed to allow me to wrap a car for a photo op. His good judgment prevailed by the time I returned with the roll and he changed his mind. Didn't want to be in the OC Jail and risk missing the marathon so I repressed the urge.

It is expected that this trend will be spreading across the country, probably first to Las Vegas followed by New Mexico. To quote a pilot friend, "What's the fastest way to spread any news? TELEGRAPH! TELEPHONE! TELL A FLIGHT ATTENDANT!" Because of the "jumpseat wireless", you may see it in your own community before I get around to accomplishing the task and posting the picture.

Pictured here are a trio of Orange County marathon (5K) participants. Woman on the far left (J.P.) set a personal record, "bad ass" in the middle was surprised by her time and D.K. on the right remarked that this 5K (which is the last 3.1 of the 26.2 event) felt as difficult this year as last year when she did the entire distance.