Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Flying Treehugger's Latest Passion

Plants are my current obsession. Not being eaten by plants but eating only plants! Recently completed a certificate program in Plant Based Nutrition offered through Cornell University. It is entirely online and is an excellent series of courses put together by T. Colin Campbell PhD Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry. His book based on  decades long research is called "The China Study". The New York Times has called it the "Grand Prix of Epidemiology. 

The attendees of his courses are mostly from the health field; physicians, dietitians and an occasional flight attendant ;) There are excellent lectures, interactive discussions, written assignments and scheduled live chats. What was really refreshing is that students are encouraged to use creativity in their own approach to the subject matter. Lewis Freedman was my instructor/moderator for "Diseases of Affluence" and "Principles in Practice." Rebecca Michaelides did my first course of "Nutrition Fundamentals". There is sometimes spirited debate between the online egos which makes it all the more interesting. Thank you Dr. Campbell for allowing people outside the medical community to partake of your outstanding program!