Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Be Still My 'PlantStrong' Heart!

Move over Hugh Jackman. There's a new 'fantasy man' for women who probably is the object of many a 'bromance' for men as well. Rip Esselstyn is his name and he is a true American hero.

What qualifies him for this distinction in my eyes?  Rip is a solid family man who recognizes the value of his wife Jill's love and support so that's a start. Firefighters (like flight attendants) share the designation of first responders. I always make a mental note of where a firefighter is seated on my plane and they often will identify themselves to us so we can quickly call on them if we need helpers in an evacuation or to help 'take down' a bad guy/gal in this new age of travel after 911.

Physical fitness is important in their profession as it is in mine and Rip is a buff triathlete who helped change the eating habits of his own firehouse and has written his book "Engine 2 Diet".  Coining the term "plantstrong", he is helping change the image of vegetarian food. He has recently retired from firefighting and his influence is 'on the road' to saving many more lives than he ever could back in the Austin Fire Dept.

Last night I went to the San Diego premiere of "Forks Over Knives" and was pleased to meet Rip and briefly talk to him. Told him he's going to have to start wearing a disguise as more people become aware of the huge impact possible with a plant based diet coupled with exercise.

Traveling brings special challenges to remaining healthy. Confinement, food availability, TSA guidelines and biorhythm disruption are all things frequent fliers must deal with and it is my intention to share how I am incorporating plants into my lifestyle in the friendly skies.