Sunday, July 20, 2008

Legacy Airlines Offers Selected Passengers the Ultimate Spa Experience!

It seems the only airline stories one hears these days are those of miserable service and higher costs for everything. My personal experience contrasts with those tales of woe. At Legasy, I have pampered and been pampered with Fijian coconut oil skin treatments. Here's how you can live the high life! You need to bring from home: 1 small vial of coconut oil (up to 3 ounces are allowed as carry-on) , and 2 plastic bags (recycled  from the grocery store). When offered an inflight beverage, ask for a packet of sugar and you are ready to begin.
Revel in the envy of your seat partners as you apply the fragrant oil to your palms followed by the sugar packet. Rubbing your hands together creates a wonderful exfoliate scrub and the smell is great for masking stale airplane odors. Place your hands in the plastic bags for 10 min. Follow up by a trip to the lavatory and wash your hands with warm water. Be sure and allow enough time before the fasten seat belt sign is turned on in order to complete the task.