Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SHOW YOUR MOVIE STAR QUALITY! Your Treehugger Picture Is Past Due!

Meet Derry and Marty Leafe. They are integral members of my green team and we've been working to turn the "Almost oneredpaperclip house" into a green paperclip. Lots of work has been done including recycled insulation,a water saving commode, energy star appliances and oh so much more! An earth day open house was planned but our ecotrain has had a major derailment. Due to forces beyond our control, the green dreamer team may be returning to the OC where it's easier to be green without going into the red. Also, the website, askgreengirl.com is still under contruction. Do not fear or Be very afraid! It will happen and photos of you hugging a tree are needed for the launch of that site. So...support your local greenovators and send your shots. If you do not, Demi will be forced to show up and pull a paparazzi on you!