Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My love story with Hobbs began with the first kiss which was called "Buy It Now" on Ebay. It was a cross between gambling, insanity and real estate investing for dummies.
That translated into home ownership and living the American dream for a price of $27,500. Yes, I actually bought a house on ebay from a bailbondman. That was maybe part of the allure and started me on one of my craziest adventures to date. There is a lot more to the story and I'll be sharing it as time goes on.

Having lived most of my life in the expensive bubble of Orange County, California; reality dropped a bomb and my bubble was burst when my airline declared bankruptcy, dumped my pension and lowered wages which don't go that far in the OC. That is the reality of a lot of corporations today and I state this not to whine about it but to explain my motivation.

Lots of friends have suggested I pursue another career path but anyone who has ever loved the flying life, knows the seductive power of the time off, camaraderie and the ease of talking to the variety of personalities that travel in metal tubes. Travel privileges provide learning experiences for family members that can't be learned in classrooms.

As a woman with some serious committment issues and a fierce independence, I have chosen to marry adventure, rather than an individual (except once for 15 years at age 20). I have come close since then but haven't felt there has been a "match made in heaven". Blessed with a beautiful daughter, my intention was to provide her a solid home base but the truth is probably closer to that of "Auntie Mame's. She is the light of my life and is now in college providing me with an opportunity to help find creative methods of financing her education. Of course, she has grown up in "the OC" with wealthy friends and the human condition being what it is, I have learned that appearances are only that and that everyone has a "biggest problem". We are so fortunate to have our biggest be miniscule and live lives that are the polar opposites of "quiet desperation".

"Daughter Jillz" fast forwarded her high school years and acquired her diploma at 16. Scotty MacDonald of www.hitch50.com asked me if she was a "Doogie Howser" and I explained she is determined but the sort that is strongest in creativity and the traits that go with it.

Both Jillz and I find the MacDonald brothers an inspiration that our world so needs! Inspiration can not be underestimated. "Boldness has genius" and there is no lack of boldness among these guys. I have been toying with the idea of keeping a blog and Scotty's friend Fiddy suggested I "go for it" and try this blogging thing, suggesting that he too, is a amateur. NOT!!! If Fiddy was new to the process, I am certain he got the most accelerated learning method possible with www.hitch50.com .

I hereby declare my intention to the blogosphere universe to join your fray! I will be divulging some wacky, true stories which you hopefully will find entertaining. Lots of people have told me to write a book but I have become such a huge fan of this medium, I had to give it a go! More will follow in the near future but Jillz is in town from school in Santa Barbara for only one more day. She wants to use a discount coupon for Flyaway Indoor Skydiving if it can be fit in before she leaves. Carpe Diem!

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